Wednesday, April 13, 2011

and it's top-of-the-hill-day...

top: ruche, cardi: pseudio, pants: gap, shoes: aldo, necklace: etsy
those pics?? horrid, i know... the result of being in a super hurry to get pictures taken before rushing to zumba class... i apologize... and will try to better plan my pre-zumba time in the upcoming weeks...

it's hump day... and boy, let me just say, it was a rough climb to the top of this hump. monday and tuesday were crazy busy at work. i have blisters on my feet (no joke) from running around so much on those days. and fyi: i have a desk job. today was better, got caught up, but i'm very happy that the longest part of the week is over and its "all downhill from here"... downside? i think my weekend plans are going to be a lonely and less-than-exciting. although some laziness wouldn't hurt.

so, happy hump day, and sweet dreams... because it's almost 10:00pm, and embarrassingly, past my bedtime.


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