Tuesday, April 12, 2011

spring has sprung!

dress, shoes, belt: ruche, coat: soya & kyo, watch: guess, sunglasses: boathouse

it's tuesday! and to continue with the spring-ish-ness, do you know what i spotted today?? which almost caused me to drive into the ditch??? GRASS!!! that's right readers, the snow is a melting! so exciting! granted, it's not green, and it doesn't smell fantastic... but it's grass none-the-less. which also means that soon (SOON!!) i'll be able to wear dresses and skirts without tights!! exciting! and fyi: i LOVE my new dress. like, LOVE LOVE. i cant wait to wear it sans tights, and with wedges...

also exciting is that it's one day closer to friday. i'm seriously counting down. :)

and, to top of my tuesday, i was called "little girl" today... apparently, someday, i'll think this is a compliment. i admit, i like that i don't quite look almost-thirty... but i'm not a fan of looking like a teenager either... my secret?? sunscreen. spf 45 baby.




  1. your dress is beyond adorable!!

    you're not going to miss tights?? i am, i love (and wish) i had more and more time to wear them, although i'm not sad to see the snow melt.

    ps. there is grass here too! my lawn is peeking out, so exciting!

  2. Love the outfit, just LOVE it!

  3. thanks ladies!! i felt super girly in it today!!!

    and yes, i'll 'miss' tights, even though i'll totally still wear some for a while... but i'll be happy to have the option to not wear tights too!!

  4. Jana -- the dress looks SOO cute on you! Don't worry, I had bright orange tights on right before I left the house and threw caution to the wind going bare legged!! ; P