Monday, April 11, 2011

officially spring time!

scarf, belt: ruche, pants & top: jacob, shoes & earrings: aldo, watch: guess

sorry for the lack of blogging!! my mother has been dragging me all over northern nb shopping for the past few days, so i haven't been around to take pictures! and let's face it... what's the point to blog if i don't post pictures?? exactly.

i'm going to keep this short and sweet: today, it was warm, and a little rainy... and the best part?? i saw my first robin of the year! and then about 20 more after that!! do you know what that means?? it's officially spring!! very exciting!!

happy monday! (i'm already counting down to friday.... )...




  1. all over northern nb shopping?
    no more details?

  2. thanks rachel marie!

    melissa: the chi friday, bathurst yesterday... i'm sleeeeepy.

  3. Oh me geez! Can't believe the snow!!!