Thursday, April 07, 2011

Cake It

special delivery from Cake It! for vampire diaries night

chocolate cupcake with maple frosting & candy

maple cupcake with white chocolate frosting

special maple treats from Cake It!

so i know i said i'd update tomorrow on my cupcakes, but i'm a big fat liar. these cupcakes?? to. die. for. andree paulin, the amazing lady who baked me these cupcakes, runs out of moncton NB... three hours south of where i live. she made several cakes for a mutual friend who was married last year... and let's just say that i fell in love with her baking. she's started having some weekend specials, and since her boyfriend was traveling north for the weekend, she was so thoughtful as to send her fave northern nb'ers a message to see if we all wanted anything. seeing as it's maple sugar/maple syrup season for us, this weeks treats were maple flavoured!

the best part?? the frosting. buttercream baby. but ohmygoodness... fluffy, creamy, rich, thick... i don't understand how it all describes the frosting, but it does. my only complaint?? that i wasn't there to lick the bowl and beaters.

her website is still under construction, so check out her facebook site HERE!

thanks again andree!! i <3 your cupcakes.


  1. i'm so semi-mad at you that i won't be receiving a cup cake.