Thursday, April 07, 2011

(awkward &) AWESOME thursday

dress, headband, belt, tights: ruche, cardi: aritzia, boots: aldo

so today is (supposed) to be awkward and awesome thursday... due to the fact that i've been sick in bed for most of this week with a sinus infection and bronchitis, there hasn't been much time for awkwardness... however, me being me, obviously there's been a little bit:


- looking at my watch today, nearly two hours after putting it on, and staring at it, very confused... it was on upside-down (at least no one asked me for the time and witnessed this).

- the fact that my tights are too big and like to bunch at my knees, a-la-4-year-old style.

- that last picture of me, where i look 4 years old...


- that i'm receiving a special order of cupcakes from Cake It tonight!! (thank you andree!!, photos to follow tomorrow).

- there's a new vampire diaries tonight!!! it's been a long few weeks.

- that tomorrow is friday, and even though i had a total slacker week, i'm still exhausted.

- i received an AWESOME ruche order today!! (see THIS post), everything fits, and that dress is the perfect date dress (hint hint).

- that i received a free scarf from ruche!! with the cutest little note, because they <3 me and thanking me for being an amazing ruche customer. seriously readers, i LOVE that store. awesome clothes, awesome prices, AMAZING customer service!!! (i'm a little bit happy right now).

happy thursday!!



  1. Just went to the ruche site... they have WAY cute stuff!

  2. that is way too awesome!! free goodies! you deserve it!

  3. We DO love you, Jana! Thanks for all the love!! We might just have to start a "Jana's Outfits" post on our blog. :)

  4. thank YOU ruche, for all of your awesome clothes that now fill my closet. don't ever stop shipping to canada!!! :)

  5. if ruche stops shipping to canada...i'm moving to the u.s.!!

  6. Stop shipping to Canada? No worries, ladies. We'd never do that!! <3