Friday, April 01, 2011

too much play...

yesterday's work outfit:

cardi, tights: ruche, tank: pseudio, skirt: le chateau, boots: aldo, necklace: gift

ya know that saying, "all work and no play makes (jana) a dull girl"??
... what about when there's too much play?

last night was trivia night at the local pub, artisan... melissa and i decided to test out our mad trivia skills. yep, we lost. and i'm actually okay with that! BUT man am i tired today! it started later than scheduled, and so it was past midnight when i got to bed last night! that might have been okay had i not already been oh so sleepy from activities this past week. today is rough. all i want to do is nap... 3 coffee/lattes later........... however, mcd's breaky from the boss and a supply of tim's from a co-worker helped today become awesome. much appreciated. have i mentioned i super love my job?? because i do. not to mention having a group breakfast in the kitchen, sharing funny stories. really, good times.

last night's chick-date outfit: (see below)

cardi, jeans: ae, tank, belt, scarf: ruche, boots: aldo, jacket: le chateau

happy friday!!


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