Thursday, March 31, 2011

it's awkward & awesome day!

bringing in pellets: pants & hoodie: lululemon, hat: zellers, glasses: gap, boots: uggs (what else??), jacket: north face

3XL sweats: gift from G... they fit perfect... if we want to do a weird potato sack race!!


- the photo of melissa & i, in 3XL gray sweats, gift from my ex boss... so we can "make the groceries" and in case i get very depressed. haha

- my outfit taking in the pellets... stylin.

- wiggling my tushy so much at zumba last night, that the instructor started laughing so much she lost her steps. hehehe i'm shy.

- my skirt/tights yesterday... skirt lining slipped upwards ALL day from slipping on the tights. i cant tell you how many times i tugged it down. all. day. long.

- the fact that i love (read: LOVE) egg sandwiches, and stink up the lunch kitchen at work. sorry peeps.

- that tomorrow is April Fools. okay, less awkward, more scary. i'm terrified. i might have to call in sick. (except i'm lying because i have too much work ethic to actually do that... boooo).


- my shoe compliments yesterday. i like compliments. not to mention when i was going to order them, it seemed my closest peeps all voted against them. it's reassuring that strangers like them anyway.

- that i have a trivia date night with melissa tonight (fingers crossed we win... i'm competitive... like monica from friends)...

- that tomorrow is friday. again, much needed. where's the sleep??




  1. i was so a full shoe supporter!!

  2. nope! you voted for the yellow shoes with the bling and bow! haha