Tuesday, May 10, 2011

50s housewife feel...

top, skirt, shoes, belt, necklace, tights: RUCHE

my new outfit arrived last friday, and i loved wearing it today! i felt so girly, so vintagey, so 50's housewifey!! this is one of those feel-good outfits. and it's about to become one of my favourite, trusty ones. it'll be hard to find the motivation/temptation to revamp these pieces considering in my eyes, its basically perfection (modest, i know).

on an exciting note: i have a new cousin! born less than 2 hours ago. little brody harvey williams. unfortunately i have a relay for life meeting tonight, so i won't be meeting him until tomorrow evening. but i hear he is some cute! welcome to the clan, brody. we have lots of love to share :)




  1. super love love your outfit!
    just as pretty as it was in my head!

    ps...congrats on your new little cousin!!!!!

  2. Congrats on your new cousin! How fun. :)

    Love the look of this outfit. :)