Monday, May 09, 2011

patience is a virtue...

how i wish i could have worn this all day

how i actually did wear it to work

dress: ruche, hat: urban outfitters, shoes: aldo, necklace: etsy


obsessed. that's what i was with this dress. it came online, and i loved it. but alas, it sold out in my size too quickly. i checked back at least 5 times a day for several weeks, just waiting for someone to send one back. and lo and behold, my patience rewarded me. it really is a virtue! i LOVE this dress. i can't wait to style it different ways for spring/summer/fall/winter. its super versatile.

i also have to make note of my shoes. my beloved, trusty shoes. i bought these puppies several years ago while i lived in ottawa. and i wasn't sure about them at the time, because i wasn't a fan of the heel. but i loved the colours, the tstrap, and the detailing... so i bought them. and i'm so happy i did. they are now my most-worn shoes, and i can match them with almost every outfit. my only complaint: not buying some of the other colours that were available as well.

happy monday!!


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  1. someday i will steal those shoes.
    just sayin'