Saturday, May 14, 2011

for the love of... CLOTHES

this story begins with an awesome outfit i bought last year:

pretty, isn't it? i bought the blouse, shorts, and a similar belt. i LOVE this outfit.
let's skip ahead to today. i decided to make use of this saturday,
and clean out my weardrobe, and organize my closet. i do this seasonally,
so that my closet is 'easy access' to my fave outfits for the season.

so let's begin:
readers, meet my closet:

(excuse the lack of door knobs, they were ugly, i removed them, and didn't actually get around to replacing them... oopsie!)

now, meet the inside of my closet!

i'm slightly obsessed with shoes. but shoes aren't our topic today...
so, cardis and workwear on the left, dresses and summerwear on the right

now, meet tall dresser

tanks, tops, hoodies, and jeans/shorts...

now, in the long dresser... comfy tees... which apparently i've been wearing too often.

and my exercise drawers, which apparently haven't been getting enough use.
that's about to change.

why?? well... my lovely shorts, from the first picture??
yea, these (see below)

yea, these. pretty right?
well i tried them on tonight. not that it's warm enough to wear them.
but just to plan some new outfits.
and do you know what i found????
(insert sob and tears here)
they do not fit. like not even close. how. the heck. did that happen??
so, now, starting tomorrow i'll be exercising daily (again, which i've stopped doing, which i think is the cause to the problem with these shorts), and i won't be 'dieting', but i will be reducing my carbs (because i'm slightly addicted), and junk.
it helps that my hunny is also going to join in with the 'get fit' attitude with me. and he'll keep me motivated. yay!

so on that note, i'll be posting a picture of me in my shorts, when i actually fit in them again.


wish me luck!!

1 comment:

  1. that's an easy fix!!!!!
    best of luck!

    ps. i don't remember that you bought those shoes! PRETTY!!

    at least they still fit right?