Sunday, May 15, 2011

spring wish list

my spring wish list is fairly short. after going through my closet yesterday, i've discovered lots of outfits i forgot i owned, but still totally love. so, my spring wish list is a summery cardigan, a lovely floral ring, a vintagey floral necklace, another pair of green shorts (that would hopefully fit), and this awesome vintagey skirt, which i've been eyeing for weeks, and it just came to ruche! (same skirt, better shipping rates!). as you can see, i'm sticking with my staples: peach, green, and florals. so predictable.

not sure if i'll make the order, because i'm clamping down on the shopping... summer is around the corner, and i'd rather spend money on getaways and activities, instead of adding more clothes to my closet.

happy sunday dreaming! (because that's what lazy sundays are for).


1 comment:

  1. Yay for newly discovered outfits! I wish the same surprises lurked in my closet!