Monday, May 16, 2011

playful peachy keen

FINALLY, i get to wear my tiers and rain bolero! loved this top, just couldn't find something to pair with it!!

i have good news: twirling isn't just for skirts!!
check it:

details (and peach with gray sparkles nails!! OOoooOOOhhhh)

this outfit was just so fun, it made me a total goof while taking the pics!

bolero, top, shoes: ruche, skinny's: gap, ring: gift

i don't know what was up with me today! i was pretty giddy and goofy all day! i blame it on the outfit. because i just loooved wearing this today. comfortable, fun and playful. i'm learning that my fave outfits are ones that are vintage inspired (of course), girly and playful, with a romantic touch. when i finally get an outfit to include all of these qualities, it's like a second skin.

my blooper reel
because let's face it... i never get good photos without a few bloopers.

1. what? i'm supposed to be in focus/totally in the picture?? weird.
2. i really did almost fall forward.
3. i could've passed this off as a 'hair' shot, since i have been attempting new waves (have you noticed??), but really, i just wasn't paying attention.
4. ALMOST a cute picture. almost. but fail.
5. this was me attempting to get a photo of my nails, not actually my butt/legs.

happy monday!



  1. love the bloopers! haha

    i'm saving mind for awkward and awesome thurs....

    are you doing the 'hair around the barrel' curl?

  2. nope, just moving the barrel down my hair differently!

  3. such a pretty top! i love the lace detail.

  4. That bolero is perfection!! :)

  5. Adorable, love the ruffles! Just bought a ruffly top ( modcloth) and can't wait to wear it!! You look absolutely gorgeous in yours, and um... your right twirling is not just for skirts? I better get on it. xx veronika

  6. Aww, these pictures are so cute! You have a darling blog! I was JUST wearing the same dress you have on in your profile picture today!! So cute... I love it! xo