Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a warmer look...

to a fave springtime outfit...

cardi, top, skirt, belt, tights, shoes: RUCHE!

so tuesday i was wanting to wear my new favourite outfit, but it was a tad cool out for short sleeves... so here's my warm, cozy version of the outfit!! love it. this cardigan was one of my favourite purchases from ruche. it just seems to go with everything. or i just love it so much that i make it work with every outfit possible! hehe i would LOVE to find it in more colours. and basically, i now think all cardigans should have lace details on them.

ps: i got my nails done tuesday night!! it was less than three weeks... but it came at a perfect time because i did a number on them painting last weekend. i was originally planning on a peach with mint sparkles 'v' style... but she had a new summer pattern, and i just HAD to try it. the result?? see below :)

so pretty... and yes, it's all done by hand. she's basically amazing.




  1. Totally crushing on your darling cardigan and skirt combo, and I love love love your nails! Enjoy your weekend with the boy; I can't believe someone mistaken him for your father. Majorly awkward.