Thursday, May 26, 2011

there's always time for tea...

just look at that skirt!!

attempting to salute my soldier... not the best salute i've ever seen, but probably the happiest :)

dress, belt, necklace: ruche, shoes: aldo

.... least with the tea time talks dress!!

my new dress... which arrived tuesday in the mail. i was EXCITED. i almost bought this exact dress in navy a few times... but then ruche posted a sneak peek picture for the newest lookbook, which featured this dress. i thought it looked to be the same silhouette as the navy one, so i held off... and boy am i glad i did, because this beauty is perfect for spring. and the best part?? guess... seriously, just guess... give up? it TWIRLS! (although the twirling picture isn't posted, because i kept hitting/catching the grass).

sorry for all the links... but seriously, it just helps add to my little dress story.

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