Tuesday, May 31, 2011

whoosh wind, whoosh!!

top, belt, hair clip: ruche, skirt: yesstyle, wedges: old navy


another sunshiney day. and i'm loving every moment of it (that i'm not spending in the office, obviously). a breeze just started picking up as i headed outside with the camera for these pictures... and since i was wearing my twirly-billowy skirt, i was hoping the wind would pick it up and make it all flowy. that didn't happen. i kept saying "whoosh wind! whoosh!" as i was pushing my skirt out, in an attempt to tempt mother nature to realize the fun in flowing skirts. she didn't bite. so, the result, again, is a lot of twirling and flouncing around. aka me having a blast.

reading update: i've just finished Walk of the Spirits (recommended by best bud tarin, who shares the same geekfest taste that i have)... it was awesome. the sad part is the sequel isn't yet available for kobo :( so... i've gone with ashley's recommendation from a few weeks ago of Matched. just started it last night, but so far i'm really liking it!! gotta love fellow bloggers with great taste in reads :)



  1. could you get any cuter?

    ps...way to keep all of your awesome reads to yourself!

    i know you just shared them but....reading a super good book and not telling me! tsk tsk!

  2. i JUST finished reading that book, and it wasn't amazing (like the other books i tell you about while i read them), but it was good and interesting!! so far matched is good! kinda reminds me of hunger games (minus the actual games)...

  3. ps... wither was a good book!! i read that a few weeks ago! and that witch one i told you about!! that was EXCELLENT! and abandon wasn't worth reading...

    happy?? haha

  4. Your so sexy! I'm such a lucky man!!! Yes I am!!! Xoxo. Love u!