Monday, May 30, 2011

peach is my new neutral

dress, belt, cardigan, shoes: ruche, rosette hair clip: rosebudlips


i'm starting to seriously love wearing peach. at first, it was as an accent colour... but now?? it's one of my favourite neutrals! i've recently noticed a lot of peach pieces in my closet, and it's something i tend to pair with patterns and/or colours (see here, here, here and here). i'm tempted to call it my new beige.

i'm very extremely mucho wanting to order this top from ruche (i've wish-listed in a previous post as well)... i'm currently TRYING not to shop, on a need-to-buy-only basis. and actually need, not want... so far so good, but let's face it, i haven't been trying for too long. i do believe a second, thicker peach cardigan would be beneficial as a summer essential... but i'm scared if i buy this, my willpower will go crashing...

and did you notice?? i'm outside in a sleeveless dress!! yep, the weather is finally warming up!! (for a warmer look for this dress, see here). mind you i did still wear it with a cardigan and tights to work... but it was actually nice enough out that i could have just worn the dress. exciting, i know.

fyi: i may possibly have taken the most goofy looking picture of myself ever tonight. i'll definitely be posting it thursday for awkward and awesome...




  1. absolutely love that first pic and that dress on you!!

    i don't want to be an enabler or anything, but i think you should get, no you NEED that cardi!!


  2. Beautiful outfit!

  3. Hi Jana,
    I saw you on Ruche's Facebook page and I thought I'd come say hello :)
    I'd love to have your input over on my blog I work as a client stylist for photographers (just getting started tho).
    Your blog is fabulous!! GREAT looks!!