Wednesday, June 15, 2011

...and the sun is shining...

outfit: ruche, wedges: aldo


today started off: foggy, cool, dark, cloudy... and ended up: SUNNY! and hot! love love love this weather! and thank goodness, because my mood was dank... canada post is on strike. fully and completely. i'm so upset. for selfish reasons, which i'm kind of ashamed of. i usually have something on it's way in the mail... not always big or multiple items/orders... sometimes just something small, (like a ring from blush envy that i just got and love)... and it's silly, but i love having something on it's way. it gives me something to look forward to each day, the possibility that something is arriving! and i love that feeling.

i'm hoping this lockout doesn't last long. and that the honey bees make their way to their crops!

happy hump day!



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  1. pretty pretty as always!

    love your hairstyle!