Thursday, June 16, 2011

awkward & awesomeness


- wearing a sweetheart strapless dress while putting sunscreen on a six year old... "jana i see your boobies" (cleavage, my bad), standing up to straighten my top, and having said six year old lift up my dress. thank goodness for boyshorts!!

- attempting to prank people but getting caught in the act. sadly, i haven't learned my lesson, and still try to prank people.

- the fact that now that i have a new office space with a wall partition, everyone thinks it's fun to scare me. all. the. time.


- the phrase: "i love you more than dinosaurs." infinite awesomeness.

- getting my toenails painted by curtis. love it.

- bristol baguette cracker things. with laughing cow cheese, or cheese and ham. my fave snack. i also enjoy getting others addicted to this.

- having a hair appointment tonight!

- meeting curtis in edmundston again tomorrow, to visit his mama again :) (and maybe another visit to the gardens... season pass is a must).

- x-men: first class. seriously. go watch it. mega goosebumps (my inner geek is showing).

toesies: (thank you hun)



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