Sunday, June 19, 2011

red haired preppiness...

dress, cardigan, belt: ruche, shoes: aldo, hairclip: etsy


back to my roots... in more ways than one. not that i'm a natural red-head, but i'm so fair that i do like being a redhead, and i dearly missed it. also back to my preppiness. did you know that in high school, i was a bonafied prep?? as in only gap/ralph lauren clothing... cardigans/crew necks/v neck sweaters ONLY with the collared shirt underneath... twin sets... full on bang and either curled under short hair or curled under long hair?? and my grad pic? oh yea, i sported the pearls. which i sport now as well, but in the vintage inspired way. totally different.

this outfit? yes, it brings me back to my high school preppy day style. or at least as preppy as i'm willing to get these days.

and thank goodness for UPS. they saved me from my postal withdrawals last week. new shoes. higher and not as creamish as i pictured... or as practical. but cute none-the-less...
yay or nay??


1 comment:

  1. yay or nay?
    big fat YAY! of course
    you best keep 'em