Monday, June 20, 2011

video killed the radio star...

cardi, top, skirt, belt, ring: ruche, shoes: aldo


... but books kill my movies.

i like to read. a lot. as do most of my besties. fun thing: we all have a pretty similar taste in books. so we just love reading books and discussing them, the characters, the scenes in our head, the plots... and we love to critique them once they're made into movies or tv series.

latest vent: the casting of The Hunger Games. have you read this trilogy?? book 1: Hunger Games = amazing. book 2: Catching Fire = craziness/awesome/major cliff-hanger ending. book 3: Mockingjay = meh. in my opinion. and the opinions of my buds. even though none of us loved the conclusion, the overall story was really interesting and unique. i would definitely recommend it. but now comes the suspense of the movie. we're excited/disappointed. the cast just isn't up to par with any of our characters that we visualized. as was the same with twilight (sorry folks, 3 movies later and i'm just still not a fan of the bella and edward choices... bella, in my head, being rory from the gilmore girls... )... whereas harry potter: spot on. always a few changes in the movies that are, again, in my opinion, unnecessary. but hey, i'm not the director/producer, and really, those movies are probably the best books-into-films i've seen yet.

so, after all of that: have you read the hunger games, and what's your opinion on the chosen cast??

my verdict:

katniss: MAYBE, but doubtful...
peeta: blonde/big/huggable in my mind. cast? no so much.
gale: i think they're confused, because the casted gale would be a fantastic peeta.
snow: not how i pictured him, but donald sutherland pulls off all of his roles, so i'm excited.
cinna: not sure lenny can pull off cinna's mellowness, but he's an interesting choice.
foxface: not very fox-face-ish
cato: w.t.f... big and burly and intimidating????


  1. fox-face-ish...haha best word of the post!!

    do they describe peeta as blonde in the book? i don't remember, nonetheless i hate peeta's casting. he looks like a super metro dude from jersey.

    cato: while he doesn't look intimidating, he looks like he could pull of that level of psychosis in the field like they describe in the book.

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