Tuesday, June 21, 2011

happy summer!

dress & belt: ruche, tights: walmart, shoes: aldo, necklace: etsy


this outfit? not the exact outfit i wore today... BUT the outfit i wanted to wear. cute, yes? i think so too. but the bugger tights are super sheer, and, well, my legs weren't completely hairless. my bad. this is what happens in summer (yes, it's officially summer!!) when you get to spoil yourself and wear tights instead of bare-legs! what a treat!

so it's summer today... and here's the reasons i'm excited for summer:

- long weekends
- cottage days
- ice cream
- going on my very first river-run
- all the awesome movies!! (transformers, harry potter...)
- trips to edmundston (and visits to the botanical gardens)
- quebec city escape
- three weeks of my hunny home with me!!!

1 comment:

  1. have i said i was a fan of your hair, because i'm totally a fan of your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and those tights!!!!