Wednesday, June 22, 2011

me and my dolman top...

top, belt, shoes: ruche, skirt: le chateau, tights: walmart, earrings: aldo


that's what i learned today. that this style of top is called dolman.
thanks melissa!

holy gradumacation week!! today was my cousin Shannon's high school graduation. big congrats to her for this milestone she's currently celebrating! i was invited to attend the ceremony tonight, and was super proud of her and this big accomplishment.

before the ceremony, i stopped in at melissa's for a quick visit... and boy-oh-boy, her kiddo just made me swoon. i arrive, he's in the high chair, and he starts breaking up pieces of crackers and hand feeding me, then putting this MASSIVE smile on his face. way. to. adorable. he melts my heart he does.

tomorrow is prom night, and i cant wait to see shannon all dressed up in what i'm sure will be an amazing dress!! (she makes me proud).

on that note, i'm off to sleep, because the life of a graduate (or family member) is a busy one this week, it's way past my bedtime, as i'm sure tomorrow night will be as well.

night all!


bananas :)

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  1. I so super love love that second pic!!
    You be so pretty, no wonder Avery was putting on the special charm for his auntie!! You two will have to go on a date soon!