Sunday, June 26, 2011

oh to be 18 again...

these two beauties? my cousin and her sweet heart. they love each other to infinity and beyond (or so i like to tease them with). i had the pleasure of taking some pictures of these two before their high school prom last week. gorgeous right? i know. it's oh so difficult to get fantastic pictures (as i toot my own horn) with people this photogenic! hehe

it was such fun taking pictures of them. with some fun "blue steel meets james bond poses", jumping in high heels (sorry, didnt post those ones), a little fun with the wind we get living by the beach blowing around her gorgeous hair (yea, that's her natural colour... don't you hate her just a little bit?? yep, me too. but i'm allowed, because i love her oh so much).

big congrats to shannon and joe on their high school graduation!! :)

(below, my attempt at ruche's photoshop advice... fail. i think it was too bright to start. oh well, i'll try again!)

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