Monday, June 27, 2011

shoe swap!!

these little pretties?? borrowed from my bestie. we did a little shoe swap last week.

twirl!! it's been a while since i did that!!

dress, belt: ruche, necklace: ae, shoes: borrowed from melissa (from ruche)


it boggles my mind as to why we didn't think of swapping shoes before now. we almost always take the same size. we've also realized we should be in the same size of clothing now too! which means more swaps to come! new outfits without spending?? yes please!! i'm quite excited.

did you know canada post is finished with their strike?? that's right, i'll go back to being a happy camper and going to visit my local post-office lady regularly again. i wonder if she missed me as much as i missed her these past few (read: LONG) weeks??




  1. yay for shoe swaps!!
    can't wait to get some clothes swaps going on!

  2. shoe swap?? How fun! My bf's all have super tiny feet. sigh. ;)

  3. That dress is so adorable, I love the long sleeves! The shoe swap sounds like such fun, and you definitely scored a pair with these ones! They're perfect!