Thursday, July 14, 2011

awesome, awkward, and just plain awful...

dress: trollied dolly, shoes/necklace: ruche, headband: yarntwisted


...but not in that order...


- singing/dancing/basically thinking i have tinted windows in my car and majorly getting my groove on (to very non-awkward music, such as nkotb, and the righteous bros - you've lost that lovin feelin) while driving... and seeing people point and laugh. next up: tinted windows!

- forgetting my travel coffee mug home (twice) and having to make my coffee at work in a regular mug. then walking veeeeerrrrryyyyy sssslllooooooowwwllyyy back to my office so as not to spill it. and getting noticed. i may as well have added a book to balance on the top of my head.

- calling my mister after having some bloodtests (see awful below), being super whiney, and on his car blue-tooth, with buddies in the car. oopsie!


- bloodtests. 4 of them. in one day.

- crying for 2 of them.

- almost passing out, needing cold compresses, after hearing that the third test wasn't cutting it, and needing the 4th.

- sugar tests. period.


- my nails! :)

- all the mail i got this week! yay for new stuff!

- freebies! i'll be wearing this dress soon :)

- that my hunny is home tomorrow for, are you ready, a whopping 3 week vacation!!!! whoop!!!


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  1. your nails are sooooooooooooooooo pretty!!!