Tuesday, July 12, 2011

my 'little {black} dress'...

dress: mardens, shoes: aldo, belt: ruche


you know how most people have that 'little black dress' that they can dress up, down, spin around, wear out, wear in...pretty much go-to for any and every occasion? well... this is my version. while black may be the 'classic' colour, i'm practically albino over here, and cream is my go to colour. it's my neutral, the colour that takes up most of my wardrobe. and this dress, my friends, is my little black dress.

and to top it off: i got it for a steal of a deal at mardens on the weekend. you know the jingle (at least if you're from the US)... "i should've bought it, when i saw it, at marrr-dens!" well i bought, when i saw it, and i love it. for $10. am i pleased with myself?? i daresay i am. quite.

and to make me happier: i got multiple compliments on it today. bonus!

and now, for a photo i should have saved for thursday... this is something i do quite often. plan an outfit, doubt myself, take a quick photo (usually blurry, no flash, no smile aka fugly) and email melissa with the "is this outfit okay?? does it look okay?? is it okay for work??"

here is one of said photos: (brace yourself)

purdy right? i know.


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  1. no wonder you go so many comments!
    hot stuff!!