Monday, July 11, 2011

strawberry fields forever

pouffy twirls!



wild strawberries in the backyard

dress: trollied dolly, shoes & ring: ruche


finally! i'm receiving MAIL! whoop!!

my first package? three dresses from trollied dolly out of the UK. why the UK? because believe it or not, for us Canadian shoppers north of a certain border, it's sometimes cheaper to find clothing in europe. even with our dollar being pretty high right now, it was cheaper to purchase these dresses from Trollied Dolly... why so cheap?? the shipping. yep. it's way cheaper to ship across the Atlantic than to have it sent from some shops in the states.

my thoughts? it does not cost $45 to ship 1-3 clothing pieces from the US to Canada. even with duty.

on another note: this dress made me crave strawberries



  1. could you BE any cuter?

    quick: who am i??

  2. ok, now that i'm done being funny, i'm loving the first instalment of your trollied dolly dresses! to.die.for
    yay for european designers and their reasonable shipping!!!