Thursday, July 07, 2011

dress swap!

dress: borrowed from melissa (but it's from ruche), belt & necklace: also ruche, shoes: aldo


thursdays are usually saved for awkward and awesome posts, but today i just couldn't swing it. this dress was just TOO AWESOME. i felt very flouncy, and frilly, and twirly (who me?) and oh-so-girly in it. i'm pretty sure i need to buy it.

to add to the awesomeness today is the fact that i'm packing for another edmundston weekend. plans you ask? more garden visits, a little bit of shopping with boyfriend's sister (we're going to scoot over to the US for that), and some relaxation time. my mind just feels like mush today. my vacation is coming up in two more weeks, and it's needed. i haven't taken a full week off in... oh... quite some time. and with the holiday, it turns i out i have a whopping 10 days off. excited is an understatement!

did someone mention twirling?? oh right, that was me up there...


1 comment:

  1. you look so faboosh in this dress!!
    clothes swapping is gonna be ah-maz-ing
    now i will get doubly excited when you shop!!


    hope you had a great weekend!!