Wednesday, July 06, 2011

when the rain stops...

look who came to visit today!! my godson avery. isn't he the sweetest??

a top that twirls!! :)

top, cardi, necklace, shoes: ruche, pants: gap, earrings: aldo


plans for today: work until 4:30, melissa and ave stop in for supper, then we hit the beach at 30 degree weather! whoop!
except that didn't happen.
rain. that happened. a lot of it. (as you can see from my pics, i managed to squeeze in a few quick pics between downpours!!) which started, no joke, the second i sat in my car to leave the work parking lot. hadn't even closed my door yet, and i heard the plop on the windshield.
so, the beach turned into a visit... with avery finding fun at my neighbours water fountain, and soaking himself. he didn't need the beach to cool off!

loved the visit though!! and what'd we do? exchanged dresses! whoop! i'm quite excited. the dress i borrowed? it's floral. and it twirls. and it has mint flowers in it. is that perfect or is that perfect? i may not give it back. :)


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  1. thanks for the visit!
    next time: cottage date!