Wednesday, August 03, 2011


(this is me being funny)

dress: lulu's, belt: came with dress from peacock plume, wedges: 'stolen' from melissa


... of a blogaholic!

or not... this is one of those times that i'm thankful i'm not catholic, because boys oh boys, do i have some mega confession-ing to do. and the worst part?? i'm totally dragging down someone else with me.

almost 3 weeks ago, on july 16th, me and a fellow blogger (cough cough melissa cough cough) and our fellas went out to a local festival, summer splash, and took a whopping zero photos. i know, i know. it's totally shameful of two bestie bloggers.

wait, wait... that's not the end of it.

this is *almost* the outfit i wore out. it was the INTENDED outfit. i've been just dying to borrow these wedges from melissa since last year... so, i planned this whole outfit out. but... the beergardens were in a tent, on sand/grass... so, being the clumsy oaf that i am, i chickened out and wore flip flops. but that's not all... i took melissa's wedges home with me!! (gasp) and lo and behold, almost 3 weeks later, i still have them! go me!


phew, that's a load off my chest. forgive me??


1 comment:

  1. haha, this post made me laugh.
    love the outfit.
    when (if) you ever return the wedges, i demand that the dress accompanies it!