Wednesday, August 03, 2011

what i've been wearing...

pleated dress & belt: h&m, shoes: aldo

top & belt: ruche, shorts: aritzia, sandals: aldo

dress: trollied dolly, shoes: ruche

dress, jacket, hat: ruche, wedges: old navy

dress: ruche - borrowed from melissa, jacket: ruche, wedges: aldo


i know, being on vacation, i've officially become blog-lazy. however, i'm hoping to earn a few brownie points with some extra hardwork tonight! can you tell these photos were all take tonight? in the rain? with the same backdrop for every photo, so my camera could stay under the overhang of the roof?? and i could use the timer? i apologize... but hey, A for effort!!

first outfit was the only clothing i bought (aside from some american apparel tights) in quebec city. blog post to follow shortly, i promise! (i'm getting caught up!). i wore it to work yesterday, with a cardi... but you've already seen the cardi a hundred times, so i left it out.

second outfit was what i wore out sunday evening to yet another festival (bon ami) beer garden, where we went with some of my best buddies, to hear the band cream cheese. they're a local band from my mom's high school days. i played the good-daughter, and was DD for her and my hunny that evening.

third outfit: the last of my trollied dolly splurges! i LOVE the style and colour. oh so pretty.

fourth outfit: i may have gone a little overboard, but i can't help it. i just feel so British in it! the big hat, with the bow, the dress/cardi... i love it all!

and finally, outfit # 5. i'm basically obsessed with this dress. i have two options: keep it and never return it to melissa, or order it. which i hate to do, because i can just borrow it from her. but i just love it so much!! opinion??



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  1. you be sooo purty
    i want that lace jacket
    k, bye!