Monday, August 22, 2011

never underestimate the neverfield...

cardi, necklace: ruche, dress, shoes: borrowed from melissa (both are from ruche), tights: american apparel in khaki


so i was right, the weekend did pass by super quickly. it just doesn't make sense. i'd say the days seem shorter due to the fact that i don't wake up at 6:20 am, but seeing as i'm also not in bed by 9:00pm, i don't think that's the reason... i'm also guessing that the next ten days are going to be crazy long, since that's how long it'll be until i see my man. (insert tears here).

on the plus side, did i mention i love that melissa and i are able to swap clothes now?? i absolutely love temporarily adding fun florals to my wardrobe!! and comfy yet stylish brown shoes. unfortunately i don't borrow many of her shoesies because most of them make me teeter-totter around. these, however, i rather enjoy stealing from her. but she has soooo many pairs of brown shoes, she can't possibly miss these, right???


what's that? it's been a while since i posted 'blooper reel' photos?? you want silly twirling ones?? ok fine...

yea this last one?? i cropped it, because you would've seen bum cheek form (i had on tights, so you couldn't actually see bum/undies, but still)...

some dresses require more subtle twirling...




  1. super cute!! You're lucky you have someone to swap clothes with. I wish I lived closer to my sisters!! :)

  2. i have lots of brown shoes?
    i need to borrow more of your clothes soon!!!

    ps. you look awesome! love the backdrop too!