Tuesday, August 23, 2011

black, white & jaundice...

cardi & dress: ruche, tights: american apparel in mustard, shoes: lulu's


"you're looking kind of jaundice-y today... nice dress? is that new?"
"nope, i've worn it before. my jaundice-ness must be off-setting it today."

sometimes wearing 'different' clothing than the 'norm' in a small town can result in such comments. i've grown used to them now. after living in montreal and ottawa for the greater part of my 20's, i've learned that 'different' doesn't necessarily mean 'bad'.

the unfortunate part is that while such comments may not get under my skin, i'm sure that's not the case for everyone. i do hope that many of you have learned the same lesson i have: that 'different', in the right eyes (as in my eyes) is actually a compliment. take it as such.




  1. I live in a small town and anytime I wear anything different I get looks. I like to wear hair bows and bright colored tights and it totally throws everyone off lol.

  2. take bad comments and compliments and the good comments are nice surprises!