Wednesday, August 24, 2011

my first signs of getting old...

the picture above?? i'm squinting because it hurts to adjust my headband...

dress: won from the clothes horse c/o peacock plume, cardi: pseudio, headband: petitplume, shoes: borrowed from melissa (ruche), watch: guess, tights: american apparel


let me just start out by saying... i'm in pain. i blame age. which is something i rarely blame. but in my opinion, this is a true sign that i'm getting older, and thirty is just around the corner (october 27th... in case you were wondering).

my parents just bought new living room furniture. so me being me, i wanted to play. aka move things around and rearrange. by myself. since they were at the cottage and i have no patience. so that's just what i did. i moved everything around, plucked pieces from other rooms, so that today they'd come home and see it set up all nice and pretty. sounds fun, right? i thought so too. until i woke up through the night with a sharp pain in my back, which resulted in a very poor sleep. 6:20 rolled around way too early this morning. and what did i discover? i couldn't sit up. the pain was too bad. i debated calling my father to come lift me out of bed, but figured he'd grumble unpleasantries, tell me i shouldn't go to work (which is actually what my boss told me once i was there), and go back to sleep. but i managed to roll out of bed. with a lot of squinting and deep breathes. in the bath i go. i debated turning on the jets, because i was SORE. i tried stretching it out... just wouldnt happen. so here i am, after a long and painful day, back on the cursed couch. and i'm not sure if it's a pulled muscle or what it is, but it feels like it's spasming!

this never used to happen to me. i used to work in a furniture store, and 'play' all day long.

like i said, the first signs of what's just around the corner.

worst part? the fact that my fella lives 4 hours away, and is in the field until sunday, so i won't see him until next weekend. so much for some TLC.


chloe, however, loves the new furniture and has claimed the chair as her own.


  1. YOU ARE ALMOST 30?!?! You definitely don't look anywhere near that.

    Hope you feel better soon. :))

  2. you are not OLD....just a wrong move!!!

    love the headband!