Monday, August 29, 2011


dress, socks: ruche, shoes: lulu's, necklace: etsy


so these adorable socks? i've only owned them for about 9 months now... and as melissa said, i'm finally getting to wear them! because (also finally) i invested in a pair of black shoes. i'm quite impressed with this outfit, and the coordinating black bows.

so in spite of irene, today was rain free. not that you could tell from my ensemble (below)... i bundled up for rain and wind! apparently we got the rain last night, and the wind today. never the less, rainboots are fun to wear, even when it isn't raining.

coat: lululemon, boots: roxy



  1. you are so perfectly coordinated, i die!!

  2. Cutest outfit post I've ever seen! I love that outfit, you look wonderful and so classy!
    xx, Maria