Tuesday, August 30, 2011

iPhones are inspirational!

... for blog topics!

a little bit of sunshine

i like to match my ruche with my dog (hendrix)

dress c/o ruche, shoes: borrowed from melissa (from ruche), belt & necklace: ruche, cardi: pseudio, cappuccino tights: american apparel


i'm still not 100% used to my iPhone. this causes abrupt fits of giggles throughout the day for both myself and melissa. because we could be on damn you auto correct .com about 50 times a day, i'm sure.

some of our most popular words:
(autocorrected - what we meant to type)

Pisa - pissed
veiled - cripes (thats me)
Lara - lata
lays - lata (it's a hard word to say!)
Banaba - bahahaha
he'll - hell
puff - ouff
Co Kay Jet - (can't write the word here, but it's sooo not that)
CDs - ffs

needless to say, our daily text convos are always interesting.

back on the topic of damnyouautocorrect.com, last night was the first night i looked at it. and i almost wet the bed laughing so hard. it might be a side effect from the muscle relaxers i'm on... not quite sure. but when i was reading them to a coworker this morning, i seemed to have the same reaction as last night.

you should definitely check that site out if you haven't already.

in other news: thursday melissa and i are swapping again! whoop! and yes, i will (regrettably) be giving her back her malibus. sadface. mind you with ruche's new lookbook out yesterday, i've ordered up a couple of snazzy brown shoes for myself. finally. i may be uber predictable, but not very practical.

here's a peek at the lookbook, you should check it out :)


  1. Love those gorgeous iphone pics, and adore your outfit! Love florals & those tights are such a pretty colour. And a big, yes, to the Ruche lookbook too, absolutely gorgeous. xo veronika

  2. holy Co Kay Jet, how did i manage to not comment on your post??

    bff fail!

    i'm so happy that we can have iphone fun together!