Friday, September 02, 2011

so i'm a day late, what of it??

dress: h&m, cardi, belt, shoes, kneesocks: ruche


yesterday was an uber busy day (you're about to hear about some of it), and i didn't get a chance to blog, so my awkward and awesome, which i've been skipping lately, is back today. we'll pretend it's thursday. (except that we're really really all happy it's friday, yes??)


- getting my hair done and wanting ombre, only to end up with a big stripe from espresso to blonde. yikes! (its fixed, no tears...)

- having someone come in to the office, attempting to say 'perfect!' but actually saying 'purse!'... yes, i did that. smooooooooth.

- wearing a dress (the dress in today's outfit post actually), and having to adjust it EVERY. TIME. I. STOOD. UP. seriously. it has an underskirt, shorter than the dress... and it just bunched up every time i sat down. fun stuff. and yes, it was noticed that i did this.

- basically all of my poses above. you should've seen the 'bad' ones. ouff. i dont know what it is when melissa takes my pics, but i just get crazy goofy. (second pose?? yea that was my "i'm the king of the world!!" pose, and i did it about five times, each time almost falling from leaning forward).


- clothing swaps with melissa! you should see the goodies i scored.

- two new dresses arriving from asos. oh so pretty.

- that it's friday (i've had a rough week)

- it's a long weekend!! (that i get to spend with my hunny!)

- my iphone, and that it offers companionship wherever i go. angry birds, cut the rope, instagram, netflix... hello hours of entertainment.

- i ordered my 30th birthday dress. wanna see it?? well you can't. here's to hoping it fits and it's purdy in person!

happy weekend to all! be good.



  1. that outfit is perfection, and yup, it's can't take serious pictures, lol.

    high five for dress swaps!!!!!!!!

  2. What a gorgeous outfit and picture location! Awkward & Awesome's are my fave!

  3. CUUUUUTTTEEEE! and i loved you with the sun in your background. These picture are awesome.