Friday, August 19, 2011

pucker up...

lately it seems lips are even more in fashion than ever. or maybe it's just that i'm only realizing it, but they're practically an accessory. so many colours and finishes to choose from, each one complimenting, completing, and completely changing the look of an outfit. lips are the perfect finishing touch.

inspired by sydney, below i'm sharing a few of my favourite shades. i'm starting to be more brave than i used to be, going for some of the more bold shades :)

1. 'soft nude' by revlon

this is my go-to lipstick. it took me a while to get used to the 'dryness' of the lipstick. i was used to a gloss. but i really like the softness of it, especially where my natural lips are such a bright pink.

2. 'prrr' lipglass by M.A.C.

this has been my favourite lipgloss for about 6 years now. i'm not sure if that's something to be proud of or something that shows my predictability. either way, i love the colour, the light shimmer, and the way it feels on the lips. :)

3. 'temptation' by rimmel

believe it or not, i bought this because it was cheap and bright red for my halloween costume last year (sexy snow white). i fell in love with the look so much, that i started wearing the lipstick and dyed my hair uber dark. as it just so happens, bright/dark reds are now in style, and i'm in love with it.

4. 'red riot' by covergirl wetslicks, the amazemint line.

this lipgloss looks like a dark fushia-y-red in the container, but its quite sheer. it also tingles (hence the 'mint' in the line) and feels really cool on the lips. again, since my lips are so bright naturally, i think that's why it comes out so pink.

here's what my faves look like, along with a few others that i love:

top: rimmel temptation, right: mac lipglass in prrr, cg wetlicks in red riot, bath and bodyworks xmas edition winter candy apple (beyond yummy).
left: revlon soft nude, burt's bees honeysuckle tinted balm
bottom: quo lipgloss in slip crystal (i use this over lipsticks when i want a gloss finish, and it's very smooth, not at all goopy or sticky).

there you have it, what's on my lips



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  1. great feature!
    i have bad of glosses/lipsticks in my purse and i never remember to actually wear 'em