Friday, August 19, 2011


blouse, belt, shoes: ruche, jeans: ae, watch: guess


i love me some bows.

it's friday! we made it!! whoop!! jump for joy!
what a long week! maybe because i knew i was seeing my hunny, after a long bout of not seeing him, it just seemed to drag on. and i'm sure the weekend will just seem to fly by. weird how that happens right?

you just gotta love casual fridays. i used to look forward to jeans-day all the time. now? it seems jeans have lost their appeal to me. i rarely wear them, unless it's my gap trouser jeans. i have to say, being a girly-girl is actually more comfortable! for you all you jeans and a t-shirt fans out there rolling your eyes at me, i used to be one of you. but really, dresses (well the right kind of dresses) are just way more comfortable!!

on that note, happy weekend to everyone!



1 comment:

  1. i agree, dresses are wayyyy more comfy!

    i can never give up my jeans though, good for rugrat chasing!