Thursday, August 18, 2011

dress disaster...

dress & belt: ruche, shoes: aldo, tights: american apparel, necklace: etsy


i know, not my best outfit. and what's up with all the tights at the beach??
well i'll tell you what's up. my legs are bruised beyond belief. why? i like to play too rough with my dog. so, folks, the result is wearing tights and maxi's for the past 2 weeks. they're fading though! thank goodness.

let me tell you about my outfit. it started out as a green floral ruche dress and navy cardi, but when i put my tights on, (new tights, btw) there was a lovely run in them halfway down my inner thigh. the dress was just a TAD too short, and it was visible. so, i rush trying to find a new outfit. striped strapless dress? perfect! oh, but i bust the zipper. you know, the flimsy nylon ones? yup. there it goes. so, i grabbed something i hadn't worn in a while and which seemed tights-friendly. low and behold, my outfit. i was trying to hold off wearing this dress until my new aa tights came in, because i ordered an ivory pair that would've looked great with the lace. oh well, next time.

to top it off, all day was crazy busy, and i thought it was friday all day. so if tomorrow i don't show up at work, someone call and wake me up and tell me it isn't saturday!!

happy awesome and awkward thursday to you. which basically just resulted in a story of awkwardness extreme.


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  1. Well I think it's cute anyway!

    P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway today, you should come check it out!