Thursday, September 08, 2011

awkward & awesome: the picture edition...

dress: swap item from melissa (from ruche), tights & necklace: ruche, cardi: costa blanca, shoes & earrings: aldo


-the fact that i'm twirling in this pic, but it actually (accurately) resembles my daily dance moves

-my face in this pic... wowza.

-and this one! tyra would not be impressed...


-braided hair!

- poptarts! and my thoughts that follow poptarts (1. all that's missing is breakfast beer, and 2. bubbles bed)... i know, those arent thoughts you follow... but they're funny to those who know the story.

-this book. awesomeness extreme.

- cuddle pupps. and wow do i miss them. a lot.
(i save this for last because it's the awesomest of all).

happy thursday!


  1. Love the Fire and Ice Saga! I'm on Dance with Dragons right now. You've got sooooooo much ahead of you!

  2. i love everything about this outfit!

    you eyes are insane!