Wednesday, September 07, 2011

conversion inspiration...


top, belt, shoes: ruche, skirt: yesstyle, taupe sheer tights: american apparel


my outfit today was inspired by ruche's conversion 7 from their newest outfit-ideas. being one of the warmer days lately, it was a perfect day for fluttery sleeves, sans cardigan. a rare occurrence to be sure. and i swear, my belt was actually around my waist today. not sure what happened in these pics...

on another note, i started an excellent book today!! ... well, being three chapters in and hooked, either it's amazing, or i'm about to be incredibly let down. i vote for the former thanks very much. george r.r. martin's a game of thrones series, book one, a song of fire and ice. wowzers. honestly, i'm warning you now that my blog posts may be lacking as i'll be spending my time reading!! you should check it out :)

happy hump day (yay for short work weeks!)



1 comment:

  1. i love, love, love this outfit!!

    love the touch of pink in your shoes/

    ps, i'm semi mad at this book recommendation since i just started a new one last!!!