Thursday, September 22, 2011

on the flip side of things...

mums the word dress: navy cardi/bordeaux tights vs coral cardi/navy tights... switching it up!

dress: borrowed from melissa (ruche), cardi & belt: also ruche, necklace: gift (etsy), bordeaux tights: american apparel, shoes: aldo


when in doubt, switch up tight/cardi colours! easy fix for a new twist on an old outfit!



- mentioning to curtis that i'm bummed i'm not going away this weekend (as was planned), because i needed bras and i wanted some from aerie.
- curtis: do you want me to pick some up for you? do you know your size?
- me: oohh yea maybe! yes i know my size!
- (at the same time) curtis: 34 Training??
me: 34B
- me: what? training?? that's insulting!
- curtis: B?? wow that's generous!
it's not summer anymore, you don't need to leave room to air them out!
(he's lucky i love him)...

- having 9 people in a house, with one toilet not functioning, and only one other...

- extra awkward?? having just met/barely knowing half of them...

- having your tights make fart noises every time you move in your seat with a meeting with your boss. professional.

- buying a premade greek salad for lunch, only to sit there picking out all of the tomatoes, black olives, and cucumbers... with other people sitting with you. laughing. picky? me? nooooo.....

- growing out your bangs. yep, after almost 30 years of bangs, i'm growing them out. first time EVA!! be proud of me.


- my new shoes from ruche. i have actually worn them this week, i've just been picture lazy.

- fall is here! officially! whoop whoop!!! favourite season baby!!

- vampire diaries, and the new show the secret circle!

- the fact that i remembered to turn on my tv tonight. must...remember...every...thursday...

- the second book in the game of thrones series: clash of kings. also awesome. seriously, read them.


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  1. two words: fart tights



    ps. LOVE those tights!