Friday, September 23, 2011

cheers to the freakin weekend...

tank, shoes: ruche, cardi: costa blanca, jeans: ae, necklace & bracelet: gifts, earrings: etsy, bandeau: aritzia


this quote, or song lyric, has been plastered all over my news feed today on facebook. i'm not even a fan of the song, but now, of course, it's lodged in my head. which i find rather annoying. it's kind of like my craving for st huberts earlier today... it was also lodged in my head, and i desperately needed some. so my momma and i drove to town to pick some up. it was de-lish. and now i'm beyond full. it's probably the only restaurant where i eat too much... and i really did.

i'm currently on a website hunt to find a site to watch game of thrones (the beloved series i'm currently reading) with melissa. she's my go-to internet searcher. if i need to find something, she's my source. girl's got mad browsing skillz. unfortunately the only times it comes on tv (hbo) is in the middle of the night/morning on thursdays. booo

wish us luck on our search. and if you have any helpful hints, link me please!!

happy weekend!

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