Tuesday, September 27, 2011

new dress from a new shop!

dress: asos, belt: came with dress from peacock plume, shoes: ruche, watch: guess


i know, this outfit is a little baggy. i should've sized down, but it was my first asos order. live and learn. i'm skinnier than i look in my mind. bonus: i scored FIVE whopping compliments today! score!

i know it seems like i'm slacking with the blog posts. it's truly not the case. my weekend was bland, and basically spent with a heavy duty closet clean out. i believe it's the first time i've actually had empty hangers! normally when i make space, it's because new things are waiting. but this time, i've actually made progress. and yes, i'm proud. i also put some of the items in better shape online to sell. and so far, i've made some extra cash! (no, i haven't spent it on ruche's new lookbook... that was a credit... and my budget for birthday shoes...) hehehe
yes, i admit, i did make a pretty hefty order from ruche yesterday. BUT i was honestly saving a credit for this lookbook!

and proudest moment: i went to zumba yesterday. i've been getting on the treadmill lately, because my extra pounds aren't magically disintegrating like i'd hoped. the treadmill wasn't cutting it. the fact that i have control over the speed = not a good thing. i really don't push myself that hard. zumba! yay! i didn't go to my usual class, with the girls i've met and become regulars with. i went to a new class, that's way closer, and much more convenient for me. 20 minute commute to work, then 30 minutes to zumba? nope, i cant spend almost 2 hours a day driving. the result? it was fun! i'm going to aim to go back every monday and wednesday, and get myself back into a routine! so exciting!


wish me luck!


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  1. when i first looked at these pics, i thought you posted ones of syd from the daybook...holy TWINS!! (minus her baby belly)

    love that dress on you!
    and your hair!
    and that hot lipstick!!