Tuesday, October 04, 2011

a birthday list {revised}...

so a while back, i posted my 30th birthday wishlist... after much thought and deliberation, i've somewhat tweaked it.

i still LOVE this tiffany key necklace

but i also love these simple tiffany studs.

i still love this sweatshirt

i would love a real cameo... i've loved them forever, and i'd love to own one.
this one from etsy is super pretty.

some vintage luggage would be sweet for future travels!... preferably of the samsonite kind. :)

Shoulder bag

love this get up and go shoulder bag from modcloth

Shoulder bag

and this call you honey bag also from modcloth

(in other words, i'd love a vintage-y bag, without it being $300 from coach... as much as i love coach, i'm just too rough on a purse to spend that much on it)...

but my #1 super birthday item would be to see this

and this...

in NYC :)

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