Thursday, October 06, 2011

patience is a virtue...

... or so i'm told.

Ruche launched their newest lookbook, 'autumn reflections', a little over a week ago. on the 26th to be exact. how do i know?? because i just happened to make an order that very same day. filled with items from the book.

this top. oh yea, it's gorgeous. photographer stephanie williams posted a sneak peek to this weeeeeeeeeeks ago, and i've been drooling ever since. so when the lookbook was up, i had to make an order.

and this cape?? hello cuteness. i love floral details. not to mention, it's going to look amazing with my birthday attire. sorry, not posting my outfit yet. that'll come with the event :)

and finally, this outfit. well, most of it. the dress, scarf, and tights. i have similar shoes that'll look perfect with it. i just looooove this outfit. so romantic, so vintage, so ME!

the downside? i also ordered my birthday shoes. which means it's going to get stopped at the border. larger shipments always do, and a cape + shoes?? yup. border alert. the duty? worth it. the wait?? torture!!

did i mention i want to move into that house?
because i do.


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