Thursday, November 24, 2011

awkward & awesome

dress: little houses, shoes & belt: ruche, tights: we love colors



- being in the costco men's underwear section with my mother, looking at the underwear trying to find the style my father likes (as if that isn't awkward enough) and hearing my mother say "wow, those are nice looking nuts" (very loudly)... as i turn around in horror, she was actually referring to a jar of glazed nuts, randomly set aside in the underwear aisle. yes, people heard her. and stared. and laughed.

- ok, i can only think of one awkwardness in the past week... which is awesome, and leads to:


- booking time off for a trip to connecticut for NYE with some single girls.

- my cozy dress. it's sweatshirt material. love it.

- that tomorrow is a much need friday and i'm spending the weekend alone with the fur kids. much needed veg time. i'm stoked.

- breaking dawn part 1. jacob was shirtless in the first 10 seconds. i'm embracing singleness.

- treadmill + big bang theory dvd's ... hello workout that i LOVE and just zooms right by!!

happy thursday.


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