Tuesday, November 15, 2011

twice the fun...

pouffy dress!! (and my work id tag... oops!)

dress, cardigan, coat & earrings: ruche, shoes: lulu's, tights: american apparel, scarf: gift


today, i was obviously subconsciously in a very matching mood. i somehow managed to match EVERYTHING, and wear two of it! from the teal coat to the teal tights, the black dress with the black shoes, the lace scarf with my lace cardigan, and finally the pearls on the cardigan to the pearls on my earrings!
this coming from someone who rarely has matching socks.
not to mention this entire outfit was not preplanned, but a very "i need a quick outfit" rash decision from the closet this morning.
but i will admit to this: that dress makes me brave with tights. i'm not sure if it's because it's all so neutral, so i can be a bit wilder with the tights or what... but normally i'm very hesitant with colourful tights. not with this dress!
and coloured tights are FUN tights!

also... i'm suddenly obsessing over new years eve plans... i don't know what to do. i've been invited to go to foxwoods with some friends, but it would require me to take 3 additional days off of work... and i was kind of hoping to save my vacay for a trip down south. ya know, the kind that requires spf 45. i'd love to head to NL and have a long overdue visit with one of my best buddies, but flights are expensive, and i'm hoping to convince her to join me on said down south trip... what are your plans?? suggestions for a single girl? (NYE is worst than valentine's day for singles)



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  1. i'm only noticing this post now...

    you're like a vintagey train travel...so pretty!! love this outfit on you!