Monday, November 14, 2011


lace top & belt: ruche, dress: h&m, tights: we love colors, shoes: aldo, cameo: birthday gift from bestie.


so... i maybe did a major blogger booboo. it's not my fault! it gets dark so flippin early now! who's idea was daylight savings time anyhow?? today was an overcast day, so by the time quitting time rolls around, it was pretty dark. add a 20 minute commute to that, and a few minutes to putt around the house, and, well... by the time i got outside to grab a few blog pics, it was dark. and yes, i could've taken them indoors instead, but, i was sort of in a rush.

i had to put up my christmas tree!
...ok, my second christmas tree. i'm basically buddy the elf, and once november 12th rolls around, all christmas breaks loose!

i'll try to be a better blogger picture poser taker. melissa might disown me for my dark outdoor pic with a flash. gasp! and the worst part? i had a cute outfit on. melissa said it was romantical. so, with some old west and seventies editing, i tried to make them look romantical. i think they look borderline horror flick style.



buddy the elf! what's your favourite colour??


  1. hahaha....i just busted out into giggles with your 'what's your favorite color?' lmao....nut

    horror pics aside, that outfit is really pretty!!

    i didn't take any pics today for that reason! i got home too late!!

  2. Naaa... the dark pictures are great and actually give it kind of a dreamy look. This outfit is totally classic though :)